Medication Management

Our goal at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Phoenix is to deliver high-quality, effective behavioral health services with compassion and respect.  An essential element of providing individualized mental health treatment is focusing on medication management and teaching.  For many older adults, the ability to remain in one’s living environment depends upon the ability to manage a complicated medication regimen.  Whether in the outpatient setting, the nursing home, or the hospital, today’s physicians who care for the older adults spend more time than ever trying to manage medications and the medication list.  Overall inappropriate medication use in the older adult patient is a growing problem.  Individuals with poor health and more prescriptions have a significantly higher risk of inappropriate medication use.  Our Board Certified Geriatric Psychiatrists along with our Internal Medicine physicians understand that the older adult may respond differently to medications than those who are younger. Often medications prescribed for medical conditions can exacerbate and/or result in behavioral symptoms. Together our staff works to refine the patient’s medication regimen to provide the best coverage from both a psychiatric and medical perspective.  Our goal is to keep medication simple.  Older adults with chronic disease, especially depression and other mental health issues, have a higher incidence of medication non- adherence to their medication regimen.  The fewer and more effective the medications, the safer it will be for the patient.  Haven is committed to delivering excellence with the care we provide.  Our unwavering goal is to support our patients as they face their personal journey to wellness.