Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a common and very successful form of behavioral health therapy. Many view these groups as a support system, and hearing the issues of others puts your own problems into a different perspective. Talking to people who have similar experiences and understand what you are going through is very reassuring. Not only is the group setting comforting, but the sessions are led by highly trained mental health professionals who assist with the direction of the therapy. Haven Senior Horizons of Phoenix has therapeutic groups available to assist in the treatment of various behavioral health needs.

Psychotherapy in a Group Setting

Psychotherapy is a common treatment for behavioral health issues, and is often referred to as talk therapy. This type of therapy helps patients understand their illness and teaches ways to recognize behaviors and manage their symptoms. Treatment of mental illnesses is as individual as the person with the disease. Haven Senior Horizons of Phoenix offers family and group psychotherapy as just a few of the options available for treatment.




Family Therapy
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Family Therapy
When one member of the family is struggling it affects the whole family. This is why we take family therapy so seriously.

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